5 Best Vintage Cars of All Time

Daniel Vintage Cars

Nowadays, there are many vintage cars available on the market. This is as a result of the many innovations which are being undertaken in the motor industry. Unfortunately, only a few people can afford the new vintage cars. The recent car brands available in the market are too expensive for the economy class to purchase. This results in an increase in demand for the all-time vintage cars. One can argue that vintage isn’t necessary; one only needs to move from one locality to the other. That is wrong, one should purchase a quality automotive- It is durable and reduces the maintenance costs.



The 5 best vintage cars of all time include the following:

The wagons

There is always an assumption that the older the model the greater the depreciation value. Surprisingly, the wagons never depreciate that much. For instance, the 1966 country squire and the 1967 sport-wagon are still in good condition and have strong engines. They can be purchased at an affordable price. They range between $8000 and $ 10000.

The Porsches

The Porsche 914 (1972- 1975 model) is an all-time vintage car. Unlike the newly available Porsches in the market, it is less automatic and elegant. However, it is cheap and hence affordable. It roughly goes for $8000 -$12000. The Porsche 914 has a good looking shape and an average speed to serve you well.


The TR6

The 1969-1973 TR6 models are examples of all-time vintage cars. Initially, they have considered sports cars but can be converted for other purposes. The TR6 costs approximately $15,000, an affordable price to many people. Additionally, the spare parts for this particular motor are readily available. TR6 has a 2.5litre engine cylinder. This is very advantageous for the economy class who can barely afford a decent car.

The Pontiac GTO

The Pontiac GTO (1964-1970 model) is still a strong automotive one can consider purchasing though, it is rare. It is not only cheap but also easy to maintain. The market price for this particular automotive is $30000 or less. It has a big engine with a manual transmission system.


The Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang, a 1969-1970 car model is another example of an all-time classic car which is underrated. The automotive especially the 1429 cobra jet, has a strong engine which is as powerful as most of the modern cars. The Ford Mustang is cheaper than most of the new classic cars.

Lastly, all the all-time vintage cards above are cheaper than the modern cars. But, require one to maintain them well. This includes regular servicing and repairs. It’s only through this one will be assured of a quality car. Also, it makes the cars to remain durable and reduces the maintenance costs. When one opts to purchase an all-time vintage car instead of the modern cars, he/she ends up saving a lot of cash.